Monday, 19 November 2012

The open window

In one of the work places in Durban there was a leader or a CEO he was very kind, down to earth, he was a white man, he loved people he did not care if you were black, Indian, coloured or white. When you go to him and ask for assistant he would make sure that you leave his office with a smile on your face, some other CEO’s did not liked that and they couldn’t see any point in doing that, years passed and the man was sick he was suffering from cancer and everyone could notice that he was sick because he was transparent to people. He died later and the company did not function well and people noticed that the open window was gone and things will never be the same again.  
You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time

It’s not about being strong only it’s about knowing the right angles and to be focus, measuring the distance that you are prepared to run and to train more before you start chasing the rabbit if you think you can chase two rabbits at the same time you are just filling yourself you rather focus on one rabbit at a time and maybe try the other one later because you might end catching nothing.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

I’m beautiful
Beautiful does not always mean a pretty face, when I say I’m beautiful I mean I’m a good person and I want to practice good things to all people, my outside appearance might not be good in your eyes but my heart can be the heart of an angel yes I’m only human and i am not perfect but i wish to good by doing right all the times.
It is better to practice a little than talk a lot.
If you talk a lot most of the people try to measure your thinking capacity and they try to understand or to oppose each and everything that you talk. We all know that action speak loader then words. Talking a lot can lead into people not showing respect or not getting dignity that you deserve. Some times when you talk a lot people do not listen and a talkative person has a shortage of listening skills. Talking a lot can also make you end up talking nonsense.

Everyday is a good day

everyday we wake up smile or with a sad face and do not appreciate that God has made us see this day. it might look like a hard work thanking god all the times but that exactly what we should do just to show how gratefull we are. some of the bad things that happens to our live are just the tests of how Strong we are, can we face the challenges and carry on with life as if we do not have scars. so let us learn to appreciate and enjoy everyday because everyday is a good day  
How do you step from the top of a 100-foot pole?
Jumping form one pole to another, but not just jumping focusing as well and cautious of the weather and destructions. It cannot be easy though because you can feel tired and lose focus. You also need to be energetic.

We are what we do.
There were two couples, the first couple use to fight a lot and sometimes they will not speak to each other for the whole month and that was very bad. The second couple was so madly in love they used to spend most of the days and nights together, they always laughed, smile and kissing each other, the guy used to say ‘I hate to see you going even though I know that you coming back and the day will never be the same without you. The first couple used to fight even with their friends they were both soldiers and the second couple were doctors but they were all friends (the four of them) the soldiers asked how do you keep your relationship stable and the doctors responded we are what we do for the leaving…